Bio'teille : Components in detail

Molded fiber

Molded fiber is a recyclable and biodegradable material made from renewable resources (100% natural fibers), which combines naturalness and innovation.

With its very low environmental impact, its resistance to shocks and its optimized packaging, molded fiber is a real alternative to modern industrial packaging materials.

Coquilles empilables

Manufacturing process


The main sources of recycled fiber (old cardboard boxes, newspapers) are placed in a tank and mixed with water to make pulp. The pulp is then pumped through a filtration system where the impurities are separated.

Moulding & drying

The dough is then pumped into the forming section of the line where it is drawn into aluminum molds and transported to a drying conveyor.


The shells are finally pressed into a hot mold. The effect of the 180°C temperature and 20 tons of pressure gives a smooth surface. This technique allows to form light and resistant pieces and offers infinite possibilities of creation of forms.

The soft pouch

To guarantee a good protection of the wine in flexible bags, a structure based on PE and EVOH is necessary.

PE (polyethylene): Simple and inexpensive to manufacture, PE represents about half of all plastic packaging. Entirely recyclable, they are collected via the containers present in the cities or the selective sorting garbage can to be recycled mainly in garbage bags and irrigation pipes.

EVOH (Ethylene vinyl alcohol): Widely used in the manufacture of packaging for its good barrier properties to gas, aromas and perfumes, EVOH allows a better protection and conservation of products. To fully benefit from this barrier effect, it is necessary to associate EVOH with PE for its moisture barrier properties.

Poche souple en plastique mono-matériau recyclable

Why is our EVOH bag recyclable?

Poche de cubi non recyclable
Classic bag-in-box pouch

The cubi bag is made of a multi-layer structure:

Outer film: linear low density polyethylene (PE).
Intermediate film: coextruded polyethylene and EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol) barrier.
Inner film: linear low density polyethylene (PE).

These three layers combined make it difficult to recycle these bags. In addition, the Vitop PP cap of the cubi is made of a different material, which prevents the product from being recycled.

Technologie plastique mono-matériau recyclable
Bio'teille pouch

The Bio’teille’s flexible bag is made of a single layer structure, thus belonging to the single material plastic packaging which allows a better integration in the recycling channels:

Single film : PE / PE – EVOH

A fine proportion of EVOH is directly integrated in the PE, which allows to obtain a single layer, and thus to be compatible with the recycling channels in France.

Moreover, our PE cap allows a total compatibility of recycling.

Choose, taste, recycle

The sorting gestures are essential to ensure a second life to our packaging. Find here a small summary of the good gestures to make!

And now, convinced?

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