Bio'teille, the ecological, ultra-light and isothermal wine bottle

Many advantages!


Ecologic :

5X less CO2 emissions than a glass bottle!

Bio'teille : Un impact carbone divisé par 5


Isotherm :

Stays fresh 50% longer

Dessin de glaçons



8X lighter than a glass bottle

Bio'teille : Un poids 8 fois plus léger


Recyclable :

Decomposes, allowing the separation of the recyclable bag and the compostable shell.

Logo cycle de vie Bio'teille


Minimized transportation:

3X more Bio'teils contained in a 2X lighter truck

Bio'teille : Transport optimisé


Lightweight boxes :

50% less packaging material

Bio'teille : Calage intégré
Maquette Bio'teille fermée Bio'teille ouverte

Plastic cap : As effective as an aluminium cap, it is made of the same material as the bag and therefore compatible for recycling.

Plastic cap

Single-material flexible plastic bag: Ensures wine conservation while being compatible with recycling channels (different from non-recyclable Bag-in-box).

Single-material flexible plastic bag

Moulded fibre shell : Recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, it is made from 100% recycled products (newspapers, cardboard…).

Biodegradable moulded fibre shell

Bio'teille de vin blanc en gros plan

So, convinced?

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