Marin Belorgey et Victor Roux dans les calanques de Marseille

If you have arrived there...

it’s probably because you want to know a little bit more about us and how we got into this story.

At Le Petit Baroudeur, we have set ourselves a mission: to reinvent wine bottle and its consumption.

In concrete terms, we offer you simple and accessible organic wines, contained in our bio’teille, which is the result of a cross between authenticity and innovation, to be consumed in an outdoor, friendly and relaxing environment, far from the traditional table wine.

How did we get here?

In this project, we are 2 partners who have been working for more than 2 years to offer you these wines.

Everything started with Victor 3 years ago. During his gap year in Australia, one of his great passions was to travel in the Blue Mountains. A great wine lover, he was always frustrated to have to carry his heavy glass bottle in his bag to reward his efforts at the end of the hike. So he came up with the idea of rethinking wine containers, in more practical, light and compact formats, suitable for on-the-go consumption.

Having found the idea interesting, Marin scoured the wine market and identified opportunities to make a place for himself in an ultra-competitive, rigid market where tons of players were already well established.

So in order to exist and stand out from the crowd, we had to have strong differentiating elements. That’s when we thought there was something to be done, and we joined forces.

Once our pitch set up,

we quickly integrated an incubator, benefited from training programmes and identified our financing possibilities.

After many months of uncertainty and doubt, we managed to find suppliers willing to produce small volumes, while meeting our specifications and values.

Once the production was launched, we also worked on the cross-cutting tasks that were essential for our development: putting together the files for the honorary and bank loans, creation of the website, selection of winegrowers, pitch competition, etc.

We also benefited from valuable support, notably by joining the Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation’s acceleration program.
From there, everything went very quickly and 6 months later we launched our business.

We both graduated from business school. The advantage of business school is that you are not an expert in many things, but you still have some experience of everything. And this is precisely what has allowed us to be relatively autonomous in our creation process, product development, commercial and communication strategies.

Marin Belorgey et Victor Roux dans les calanques de Marseille

We hope you like this concept!

For our launch, we decided to produce 10,000 bottles. This is a lot for a start-up, but it allows us to diversify our offer and to have a large number of consumer feedbacks to validate our test phase.

You can find our Bio’teilles online on our website, and we are working hard to ensure that you can find us in your local shops.

We hope to be able to pleasantly surprise you, to widen our range and to continue to find responsible and qualitative winegrowers in the heart of Provence.

We’ve taken a gamble by attacking a rigid and well-established market. It’s up to you to show us that we were right. And at worst, we will have a few bottles left to drink to forget!

Do you want the adventure to continue?

If so, come to the store to discover our boxes of organic wines from Provence!