Discover the Bio'teille,
the new innovative wine bottle

Bio'teille vs glass bottle


A carbon footprint
divided by 5


Stays fresh 50%


8 times

mission :

Offer you organic wines in an eco-friendly bottle, for a nomadic and convivial consumption, far from traditional table wine.

The video to understand everything

Our double activity

They talk about us!

“Two young entrepreneurs have invented what could be the wine bottle of the future: more environmentally friendly, less heavy to carry, and most importantly, fresher longer.”

“To appeal to this generation concerned about its carbon footprint, the Marseille-based start-up aims to “reinvent the wine bottle” by replacing glass with a 100% recyclable container that is much less energy intensive.”

“Le Petit Baroudeur targets a young clientele, who consume outdoors, far from the traditional table wine.”