Help & FAQ

Can’t find the information you need? Send us a message in the « Contact us » section at the bottom of the page or write to us:

To save time, don’t forget to mention all the important information:
Name and surname, order number, tracking number and a detailed email about the situation.

In this quest, we have approached winegrowers in Provence who meet our specifications and who are committed to an eco-responsible approach throughout their operations. More than a simple relationship, we work hand in hand with our winegrowers, who have accompanied and advised us in the development of our project, particularly during the design and operation of our mobile filling machine.

The wines are selected during a blind tasting with friends who are both wine experts and novices, in order to keep a certain distance and to put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers, both experienced and novices.

When can I taste the wines ?

The wines selected by Le Petit Baroudeur are ready to be consumed as soon as we receive the package. We recommend that they be consumed within 6 months.

Pre-ordering is a win-win system for the winemaker, us and you (and we love it!) Once the wine is bottled at the winemaker’s, it is shipped directly to you in advance!

This system allows the winemaker to minimize his stocks and to have a better visibility on his sales. On our side, it allows us to adjust the volumes, to avoid stock and intermediaries who would add extra costs (logistician, storage, additional costs…). For you, you receive exclusive bottles freshly filled at a good quality / price ratio.

To thank you, we have included a gourmet surprise in your box.

Good things come to those who wait 😊

If you have placed a pre-order, the estimated delivery date is noted on your confirmation email.

You’ve been waiting for your product for a few weeks now and you’re wondering where we are? Don’t worry, we’ll try to keep you informed as much as possible by sending you an email during the filling process, and when the box is picked up by the carrier!

When the filling is finished :

– you will receive an email with your tracking number.

– The carrier will also send you a follow-up of your package.

Invoice : 

The invoices are entirely dematerialised, so they are not in the package. No invoice in the parcel = no price information. That’s great for the environment, but also for the gifts.

You can find the invoice as an attachment to your order confirmation email, as well as on your customer area.

My parcel is announced as delivered but I have not received anything :

Everything indicates that your parcel has been delivered, but you have never seen it. This can happen when the deliveryman cannot find you on the day of delivery. The deliveryman often leaves the parcel with a third party: a caretaker, a neighbour, a local shop. Go and ask them, as the parcel is usually not far away.

If your research does not yield anything, we invite you to contact the carrier directly. Take the time to explain your problem and give as much information as possible, especially the tracking number.

Have you received a defective bottle ?

If the package is damaged: send us a message if you refused it or send us a photo if you picked it up.

The moulded fibre shell is assembled by hand. It is therefore possible that the fastening system is damaged. Don’t worry, the bag inside is airtight, which will not affect the quality / preservation of the wine.

If the pouch is defective, please send us a message with a picture of the broken pouch(s) and we will do what is necessary.

Is there a minimum quantity? Can I personalise my boxes?

For logistical reasons and to simplify our launch, we only offer boxes of 2 or more bottles. However, if you wish to buy only one colour of wine, you can go to the Retail Shop page, which offers retail wines by colour sold by 3, allowing you to personalise the contents of your boxes. If you have a specific order, you can send it to us in the « Contact us » section.

Is my payment secure ?

We use Stripe, one of the most efficient systems on the market. They ensure the security and registration of the payment order and the security of the payment itself. The transaction request is initiated at the time you place your order, whether it is an in-stock or pre-order purchase. What happens next depends on the day of your order and your bank. The delay is generally 1 to 3 days.

Which payment methods can I use ?

Almost all, namely cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Bleue and Maestro. For AMEX, you just have to make sure that the billing address corresponds to the one on your AMEX contract.